if anyone ever tries to tell you that you are not alone in this world, shoot him for the lying dog that he is.

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  • Anonymous

    1) If I’m alone, who is there to shoot?
    2) Can we keep it nonviolent, please?
    3) We’re having veggie soup and sandwiches tomorrow for dinner and then heading over to Sprazzo’s, where there will be LOTS OF PEOPLE, and we’re going to write petitions for people WHO NEED OUR HELP. As someone once wrote :
    Are you almost disgusted with life, my friend?
    I’ll tell you a wonderful trick
    that will bring you contentment, if anything can
    Do something for somebody, quick!

    (Of course, if you remember the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show, you’ll also remember Bullwinkle’s Corner …and his version of the poem: “Do something TO somebody quick!)


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