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hmmm…i dunno what this tagging thing is, but here is what i’m supposed to include…

I have been tagged. Once tagged by this entry, the assignment is to write a blog entry of some kind with six random facts about yourself. Then pick six of your friends and tag them. No tag backs. this explanation should be included.

hopefully, i will figure out how to make a tagging list of friends.

six things of randomness:

1. my first detailed memory at age 2 and a half was when my mother went away to the hospital to have my sister. my parents obviously did a very poor job of explaining the whole thing because i was very angry with mom and the entire situation. i remember my dad taking me to a place with many steps to go see mom. i remember sitting on the steps so angry, refusing to go in, refusing to listen to his words. i remember being pushed through a dark door where other people sat and my mother coming into the room dressed in a quilted pink bathrobe and i remember refusing to speak to her or sit with her.

this part i don’t remember, but was told: when my sister lori and mom came home 10 days later (it was a hard birth), i refused to sleep in the house for another 10 days. although i visited my sister everyday, i slept next door at my aunt and uncle’s house.
apparently, i can hold a grudge.

2. the first thing i drew as a child was a horse.

3. i am a kindergarten drop out.

4. i catch spiders and set them free.

5. i can go days without uttering a word.

6. i am fascinated by the concept of nothing.

so, to tag some others: brni, otcyborg, notzathros, earlofgrey, irishkerry, sip_dog

4 thoughts on “tagged tales of random me

  1. descartes_rock says:

    Fascinating. This meme is turning out to be less silly than I thought. I also catch spiderrs — and bugs of all kinds — and set them free. Well, no that’s not actually true. I cohabit with spiders. I have been known to move them — for example if they are dangling over my bed or in the tub just before I take a shower — but I rarely evict them. I do evict other bugs though.
    The concept of nothing is indeed fascinating.

    1. lsaboe says:

      spiders and such
      spiders are let alone if they aren’t in the way or in danger — nothing worse than getting in the shower and seeing you’ve drowned a spider for not checking. bees, hornets and wasps are shown the door very quickly and the only insects i ever intentionally swat are mosquitos when caught in the act. ticks are ritually killed. they know this and stay away from me. silver fish end up in the dust bin, but they eat books you know.
      i figure everything has a right to live, and the few things that i have to kill should have known better.

      1. descartes_rock says:

        Re: spiders and such
        Me too. I feel exactly the same way. I kill mosquitoes and silverfish and that’s it. All other bugs I catch and throw outside. There are four bugs I allow to take up residence in my house: lady bugs, pill bugs, spiders and centipedes. Centipedes really freak me out, but as long as they stay out of my way, I’m alright with them. I’ve been told they eat all other bugs, like silverfish. Other bugs I evict. I absolutely hate earwigs and have been known to kill them once in a while, but usually I just throw them out of the house. My wife squishes earwigs in the house, but I believe that as disgusting as an earwig is alive, it is even more disgusting smeared on the floor.
        I wonder how many of us closet bug sympathizers there are in the world?

  2. Anonymous says:

    confessions of an Italian American
    I never went to kindergarten. Told my mom I wanted to stay home with her. Of course, that only made entry into 1st grade that much harder!
    I was the only kid in my class (I can’t remember which grade — maybe 3rd) who could sing “MacNamara’s Band.” Our teacher (a nun) told us to learn it … and I went home and told mom, “SISTER SAID we HAVE TO learn MacNamara’s Band! Why my mom didn’t pull me out of (Irish)Catholic school right there and then, I don’t know…but we had lots of Irish neighbors …like the Gallagher’s. The older kids in the family came over and taught me the song. The next day in class, I stood up and was the ONLY kid who could sing it!
    Until recently, I didn’t like St. Patrick’s Day at all…with all those silly songs (sorry if there are Irish-Americans reading this…) Then I discovered Thistle and Shamrock on NPR and REAL Irish music. Now St. Patrick’s Day is actually my favorite holiday because I don’t have to do ANYTHING: no gift buying, no cooking, no family get-togethers … I just turn on the radio and listen to real Celtic music.

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