our emissions are better than your emissions

interesting…the brits say this is the warmest year on record since they started keeping records in 1659


but, india’s carbon emissions are ok — wonder if china’s are just as good?


and then, in case we’re confused about what’s really at stake, our gummit has decided to “review” it all for us.


don’t you feel better now?

3 responses to “our emissions are better than your emissions

  • Anonymous

    I think you’re way behind on the news. Why don’t you read this one and catch up — hot off the presses today:
    Astonishing New Census Finding: Americans Are Very Fat And Watch Tons Of TV…
    — liberata


    • brni

      10 hours a day watching TV?
      good god! are we really wasting 14 hours a day? and on what? sleep? work?
      *grumbles and turns on fox* gotta see what bill o’reilly has to say about this so i know what i’m supposed to think.


  • brni

    i feel better than james brown.
    and i, for one, am glad that the government is taking appropriate steps to shield us from troublesome facts, especially ones that might contradict scripture and administration policy.
    let not these false prophets divert us from our righteous goal, for the end of days is upon us, and we (God Fearin’ ‘Mercans) shall be air-lifted to heaven.


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