funerals, etc.

so, my uncle’s funeral is over and now i think i’m coming down with brni’s plague. ugh. even though the funeral itself was on the tame side, i am more convinced than ever that i not be given this sort of send off. here’s what i wrote about it at the beginning of 2006, right after the second death of the year. it’s longish, so unless you have nothing better to do with the time you have left….

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  1. zjman says:

    I do keep saying that I’m going to, but I definitely want to start my planning soon. I had written up quite a bit a few years ago, but need to revisit and modify things. I like many of the same ideas you present in that referenced post.

    1. lsaboe says:

      yeah, it needs to be stated specifically or other family members will be upset by what they view as “disrepectful.” we caught a raft of shit when my mom’s service was “closed casket” from well-meaning family who wanted to say goodbye to the body. but, mom had always said she didn’t want anyone to see her dead, so casket was closed.
      things to look up: the funeral rule, green or natural funerals, and of course, state law (which undertakers routinely lie about to grieving people trying to figure out what to do). green funerals are more accepted in the UK and California (no comment), but i’ve had a difficult time finding info about it in PA, so the only thing i can think to do is make sure it’s written down — cremation, no casket, no service, no memorial, etc.
      funny…your mom told me she has a letter written that none of this happen with her. she said, “i want them to go have a party instead.”

      1. uneedak1u says:

        I don’t know. I almost think I’d submit it to Netscape as an op-ed (which I’d be more than happy to do for you, if you like).

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