good commentary from Garrison Keiller

Garrison Keillor’s article written for the Baltimore Sun and reprinted by is worth reading.
In one paragraph, he gives us a brilliant, succinct analysis of Bush the Lesser.

Here we have a slacker son of a powerful patrician father who resolves unconscious Oedipal issues through inappropriate acting-out in foreign countries. Hello? All the king’s task forces can gather together the shards of the policy, number them, arrange them, but it never made sense when it was whole and so it makes even less sense now.

We have yet much to fear from this administration. Mr. Keillor has a bit more confidence than I in the new crop of critters just elected. He says:

The earnest folk in Congress are prepared to discuss policy issues, to plant their butts in hard chairs and sit through jargon-encrusted reports and long, dry perorations thereupon. They’re trained for that. That’s one good reason they’re there and not you or me. But to address the war and the White House, you’re talking pathology.

Yes, it’s going to take more than hard work and good judgment on the part of our congress critters to deal with this insane war, but honestly, if what I saw last night on ABC World News is any indication, this bunch will be towing Shrubs line, complete with hooks and sinkers, and the men and women who will be surging over to Iraq when (not if) this congress gives The Decider everything he requests will be left out on the sands of Iraq without boat, paddle or the creek needed to get stranded in.

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