5 thoughts on “ouch ouch and right on

  1. lsaboe says:

    didn’t see finn’s thing (i don’t read him usually), but i have read about pig farming. it’s probably one of the most horrid things i’ve read about. *shiver*
    and yeah, how ’bout that? a REAL opinion on TV!!!

      1. lsaboe says:

        pig torture
        yes, that’s the article i read…only in print form. for some strange reason, rolling stone mag is being delivered to my house. dunno who the anonymous donor is who signed me up for it. but that’s another thing entirely.
        if i wasn’t already a vegetarian, i would at least never be eating pork again. *this* sort of treatment of animals, including the human ones who are being victimized by proximity, is the reason i stopped eating meat in the first place. pig farming is as bad as it gets.
        *sigh* we are a disgusting species. i am embarrassed to be human.

      2. earlofgrey says:

        Re: pig torture
        I hate being so far away from the production stage of the things that I use. What else don’t I know? Who and what else is hurting for my convenience?

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