make them stop!!!!

global warming:

the scientific community came out in one, dire voice proclaiming that global warming is a FACT, is OUR FAULT, and must be addressed within the next 10 years or we will have no way out.

and the bush admin said it refuses to make energy cuts mandatory.

cervical cancer:

a short while ago, we found out that cervical cancer is caused by human papilloma virus, which is sexually transmitted. now, Texas wants to FORCE sixth grade girls to be vaccinated against this virus.

this vaccine was fast-tracked through approval. do YOU really trust the FDA and Merck to insure the safety of this vaccine given their track record (i.e., vioxx)? but more importantly, do you really think the government has the right to force women to be vaccinated from something that MEN carry?

methinks Merck is trying to recoup their losses and they are using our cervixes to fix their bottom line.


i think it’s time to give full voice to RAGE AGAINST THIS MACHINE! especially us women. we are not Merck’s guinea pigs and our children’s world should not be destroyed by short-sighted, immoral government slaves to oil.

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  1. zjman says:

    something that MEN carry
    Are you insinuating that only men carry this? Women carry it as well. In fact, someone of either gender could be infected and never know it unless symptoms arise.
    As for making it a requirement? I’m all about less government intervention in our personal lives.

    1. lsaboe says:

      no, i am not insinuating that only men carry this…but men do carry, spread and suffer from it. so, where’s the mandatory vaccine for little boys? the only thing i’m insinuating in no uncertain terms is that little girls are being experimented on so that merck can recoup the millions they lost on vioxx.

      1. zjman says:

        where’s the mandatory vaccine for little boys?
        Good question. I know I would have liked to have had it. As for using it for girls, I guess the idea is that the vaccine prevents the risk of cervical cancer, not the spread of the disease.
        Further proof that Western medicine has a long, long way to go. Hard to respect an industry that does things like standing idly by, watching rain-forests get plowed under, knowing that there are known natural cures within.

  2. uneedak1u says:

    but more importantly, do you really think the government has the right to force women to be vaccinated from something that MEN carry?
    My dear, I love you dearly, and I say the following with the utmost respect: every girl in America should have this vaccine. If I had a daughter, I can guarantee you she would get the vaccine.
    Do I think that it should be federally-or state-mandated? No, I don’t. But I also think that it’s a phenomenal crime that it’s taken this long to get ANY kind of preventative medicine on the market for HPV. Millions of women have dealt with cervical cancer for years, my grandmother among them, with very few options. Many of them lost their ability to bear children because of it.
    Is it a horrible thing that one of the most prevalent causes of this cancer is an STD? Absolutely. But men and women share the disease equally. What they DON’T share equally are the long term effects.
    And if HPV caused testicular or prostate cancer, and not cervical cancer, and there was a vaccine available for men, I would say the same thing.
    It’s something I live in fear of every day, and if there had been a vaccine when I was a young girl, maybe I wouldn’t have to.

    1. lsaboe says:

      yes, it is certainly your choice as a woman and mother to avail yourself of this vaccine and any other thing that you feel will help and protect your life and the life of your children. but, it is not something that the state of texas or any other government body at the behest of a corporation should force you to submit to. and that is what is happening here.
      here’s a more cautious stance:
      and here’s another article which states that the American Academy of Pediatrics requests a “go slow” approach:
      note: since this article was written, the state of Maryland dropped its push to mandate the vaccine.
      i am distrustful of this vaccine for the reasons stated in the above articles and for other reason having to deal with the corporate and political motivation.
      and yes, men carry, spread and suffer from hpv but we don’t see anyone forcing a vaccine on little boys. and why is that? why just girls now? there are clinical trials going on for men (gay men suffer anal cancers from hpv), but nobody is fast-tracking that or making an *experimental* vaccine *mandatory* for boys. only girls.
      there are too many unanswered questions about safety and efficacy to submit a whole generation of girls to mandatory vaccination.

      1. uneedak1u says:

        but, it is not something that the state of texas or any other government body at the behest of a corporation should force you to submit to
        I agree completely, whether it’s at the behest of a corporation or a different government. No one she ever be forced to take any kind of “medicine”.
        there are too many unanswered questions about safety and efficacy to submit a whole generation of girls to mandatory vaccination.
        Even if the questions were answered, I would have a problem with anythings called mandatory.

  3. descartes_rock says:

    I tend to agree with you that the vaccine should not be forced on people, and also agree with the commenter who said the vaccine is actually a good thing, given how many women die of cervical cancer each year.
    What is your opinion of other vaccines? For example, it is now required in Canada for kids to be vaccinated against polio, tetanuse, rubella etc. It is not actually the law, but the government makes it virtually impossible not to get vaccinated (the child can’t go to school for instance).
    I’m a big believe in public health, but I am also troubled by the ethics around vaccines. I don’t remember, for example, ever being counseled on the risks around the polio vaccine. That seems like a breech of informed consent and duty to warn.
    I believe that the only cases of polio in North America since the early 70s have actually been caused by the vaccine. And also, I don’t like the PR campaign around the flu vaccine these days. It smacks of propaganda.

    1. lsaboe says:

      the whole idea of mandatory vaccines is a complicated one and one which i wrestle with. in the US, different states mandate different vaccines for kids to enter the school system. the vaccines that are across the states are polio, diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus. recently, some states require measles, german measles and chicken pox.
      when i was in grammar school, i was in the very first wave of kids vaccinated against polio. our vaccine came in the form of a sugar cube administered by visiting “doctors” who came to the school. we were also given TB tests in school. otherwise, we were vaccinated against smallpox, diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus. all this was welcome because our parents were all intimately aware of the toll that polio, whooping cough and other dangerous childhood diseases took on families. all of us kids got and survived measles, german measles, chicken pox and some of us got mumps. the vaccines for the biggies…polio, smallpox and “dpt” were never questioned. and why should they be? they literally eradicated polio and smallpox in my lifetime!
      in the 60’s, there was much play in the news about the devastating effects of german measles on pregnant women. this marked the beginnings of the abortion debate, which, as we all know, rages on. then when my children were small they started vaccinating against measles and chicken pox and that’s when i became interested in the whole subject. at this time, there were a few reports of problems with vaccines–from heavy metal contamination and infection to autism and death. so, this life-saving, disease eradicating measure can also cause great suffering, but only to a few. BUT…nobody mentioned the risk then and they still don’t now. not the pediatricians, not the schools. where is informed consent? instead we have bullying and lying—for our own good and the good of the public at large. well, i don’t swallow it. not easily.
      i DID vaccinate my children, but only from polio, smallpox (for the older one…he was the last wave before it was declared eradicated), measles and dpt. i had great trepidation about the dpt shot because there were many cases of problems from that vaccine, but after discussing it with my pediatrician, i decided that the benefits outweighed the risk. but i was nervous…very nervous. i refused to have my younger son vaccinated for chicken pox (not available for the older son). the reason is that chicken pox is not life-threatening for kids but it is for adults, so i wanted them exposed for the lifelong immunity that the real disease gives rather than the watered down immunity from the vaccine.
      i think the flu vaccine is a sham and will not get it and never allowed my younger son to get it even though he’s in an at risk group (asthma). i don’t trust the vaccines that are out there right now. i think things have changed mightily since i was a child being experimented on with polio. the vaccines we were given were not profit-makers for drug companies. the vaccine for hpv IS very profitable for Merck…at the tune of $120 per shot and each girl will receive three shots. the vaccine inoculates against 4 strains of hpv that cause cancer in “american” women and 2 strains that cause warts. less than 1 percent of deaths in american women is from cervical cancer. it is one of the most preventable and treatable cancers that plague us (where’s the vaccine for breast cancer?). but cervical cancer is one of the leading causes of death of women in africa, but the strain that is most virulent for them is NOT in this vaccine.
      clearly, the vaccine is effective and will benefit some women, BUT it is also FOR PROFIT above all else and i worry about safety and long-term benefits/risks.
      i find this problematic and frankly, it makes me very angry. Merck has lobbied very hard to get FDA approval and the states to mandate this vaccine to pre-adolescent girls, and the price tag to the states for this mandate will go a long way to get them out of the hole they landed in when vioxx was pulled from the market (don’t forget, they hid the fact that vioxx could kill people).
      so, my thoughts on vaccines are mixed. i think education and caution is advised and i think parents have to be prepared to *think* and *fight* to protect their children.

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