no more surgery

so, i’ve decided that i’ve typed enough about my surgery. everything else that happened was covered more than adequately by brni.

a few words about recovery might be forthcoming, but hopefully, as my world gets a bit larger, it’ll get more interesting. right now i’m so limited and essentially confined to pacing the downstairs, reclining in my chair or lying in my bed. heh–not a whole lot of fodder there. plus, my energy levels are at an all time low.

i tried to catch up on all things bloggish, but wow….you all let life go on as usual and i haven’t had the energy to go back in time as far as march 5.

well, thanks to all for caring. this has been a painful but amazing journey so far, and i’ve gained a new level of appreciation for my friends and family.

well, it’s time to get up and pace the floor.

7 thoughts on “no more surgery

  1. irishkerry says:

    Relax — it really does take a long time to come back from surgery (I remember disbelieving that I could possibly ever need 3 weeks of bed rest — but that’s actually how long it took before I could do more than pace the halls, myself). Be peaceful with it — all will be well 🙂

    1. lsaboe says:

      ya know, the hardest thing for me is having to *ask* for stuff. i am pathologically averse to asking anyone for anything. this is such a humbling experience!
      even in the hospital i would resist asking for help from the nurses…when the first round of pain meds stopped working the first night, i resisted and resisted pushing that red button. when i finally did, the nurse was so helpful, calling the doc and the pharmacy to switch me to morphine. i think she knew i had waited far too long than was normal (don’t want to appear weak, don’t want to be a baby whiner).
      yeah…learning to be *peaceful* with myself (and gentle and kind and allowing for flaws…heh).

      1. uneedak1u says:

        We share that trait. And being incapacitated in any way really serves to accentuate it.
        You sound like you’re right about where you should be in terms of recovery. I remember panicking around the middle of the 2nd week, thinking “I should be better than this by now, shouldn’t I?” and calling the surgeon, the whole deal. But it was all perfectly normal and right on schedule.
        Hang in there.

      2. uneedak1u says:

        Deal. I’ll even show you BOTH of my scars.
        Mederma is fantastic for the scarring, by the way, and not even just cosmetically. Once your incision is closed, start massaging it gently(or have <lj user=brni do it, if you can't reach) a little bit a few times every day. This helps break up any internal scar tissue that might form, which can cause its own set of problems.

    1. lsaboe says:

      so many people (you know who you are) have brought over so much food, that i think it will be quite some time before we’re ready for your manicotti. the fridge is packed and so’s the freezer!!

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