an op-ed piece on ethanol

an interesting op-ed piece on the ethanol hoax.
oh, we are a gullible group, we americans, lazy in mind and body, we will swallow anything as long as we don’t have to think on it or change our act in any way.

it’s worth going to the links within the article–the one on high speed trains in the beginning of the story is interesting. too bad we never got our transit-act together:

the link to ethanol hoax is very incomplete–the thing i would add that this article glossed over was the predicted complete destruction of forests in indonesia and malaysia as well as the huge loss of land in brazil to grow sugar cane for fuel. no mention also of the cost to the consumer for higher food prices, loss of diversity and soil health with the practice of monoculture planting.
ethanol hoax:

One thought on “an op-ed piece on ethanol

  1. brni says:

    we are energy addicts. we’ll do anything for the next fix.
    as far as transit goes – if we want people to use public transit, we need to make it cool. that’s why philly needs a monorail.

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