so, i watched the democratic debate…

hmmm… a strange and odd mix of people are running for the democratic nomination, in no particular order.

Edwards: Has no moral leader, rather he gave an Oscar award acceptance speech.

Obama: All charisma and brilliant charm but not a *real* principle in sight. Didn’t once answer the question asked.

Clinton: Very proud of being a senator from New York. I hope she sticks with it.

Dodd: The only viable candidate for President of the United States (rather than just another “occupant”).

Kucinich: He’s wonderful. I’d love to take a yoga class with him (kukukachoo–i’m sorry, i couldn’t help it).

Biden: Smart, glib, arrogant. I like him. If Dodd dies, the only other viable candidate.

Richardson: Surprisingly smart and practical. There’s something slightly Truman-like about him. Maybe next time? Maybe VP? I like him third best.

That crazy man from Alaska: enuff said
  • Those with workable positions on Iraq: Dodd, Biden, Richardson
  • Those with workable positions on non-Iraq foreign policy: Dodd, Biden, Richardson
  • Those who have an inkling about climate change: Kucinich, Biden, Dodd, Richardson
  • Those who have anything worthwhile to say about general domestic stuff: Kucinich, Dodd, Biden, Richardson
  • Those who have anything to say about healthcare that isn’t totally icky: Kucinich

One thought on “so, i watched the democratic debate…

  1. brni says:

    One question that got avoided by both edwards and clinton was what they thought of hedge funds.
    Hedge funds are essentially the money equivalent of a private club – only the most wealthy can invest, and there’s absolutely no regulation or oversight by the SEC or any other entity on what can be done with the money. It’s essentially a way to completely bypass the law and re-establish robberbaronry and allow the wealthy few to own everything instead of just most of everything.
    i like the crazy man from alaska, and i hope he sticks to these assholes pointing out when they say stupid/evil shit.
    i like that he said “keep all options on the table” means “willing to use nukes,” and forced obama to actually concede that that’s what that meant. he’s the one who will counter the doublespeak, if he can keep enough attention focused on him.

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