after sleeping on the dem’s debate ~ one candidate at a time

So, last night I posted a quick and dirty first impression of the dem’s debate. I’m having trouble with the word “debate.” I did not witness a debate according to my definition of the word, but then, the past decade or so, I’ve noticed most of the words I use have been altered to a degree that should make poor Webster turn over. At least, it makes me itchy.

anyway…thought I’d take my impressions of what I heard, do some research and look at this one candidate at a time. I’m sure at the end of it all, I will probably want to leave the country or maybe find a nice little hill to dig a hole into so that I can sit in it and think about anarchy.

Joe Biden is a hot-head. He’s mouthy. His politics are a bit better than I thought they’d be, given his personality flaw (his mouth). I wouldn’t mind having him on my side in a fight, but the gaffiness is a worry. Haven’t we had enough of men in power who can’t control that foot in mouth disease? Anyway…he was the only one who said much about education (I missed the first 15 minutes of the “debate” and now and then I drifted off, probably in defense of my sanity, so if others said stuff, oops). At first it sounded as if he was thinking simply and effectively. It would be nice to see “no child left behind” undone and a reasonable approach to education put forth. Something that had something to do with teaching children how to think instead of fact-vomit? But, on further research, I’m not impressed. Putting the burden on students in high school (maybe younger) to work and save money for college (at these prices?) is ludicrous. Small classes and raising teachers’ pay is about the only thing he says that makes sense, but the rest…just more of nothing much. too bad…

Biden has an interesting idea on how to end the chaos that has become Iraq. Essentially, it seems to be divide the country up into 3 sections, Shiite, Sunni and Kurd. Give them all equal power and divide the country’s oil revenues between them. Bind them into a pact of nonaggression overseen by major world powers. He says this is not a partition, but a federation…I don’t know enough about this sort of thing to comment. Apparently, he’s basing this on what was done in Bosnia. Again, I don’t know enough about it. Anyone want to educate me on this?

Biden’s stand on health care is a laughable nothing of a proposal. Modernize? Simplify? Reduce errors? Then, sit back and look at what a few states are trying to do and point and say, hmmm…keep up the good work so that the federal gummit doesn’t have to address the issue. yeahyeah, almost as bad as Clinton’s approach (both then and now).

Biden thinks he’s doing good things for the environment, but it’s pretty much lackluster stuff. Nothing too hard or controversial. Yeah, nice to think about decent gas mileage, but um…guys? We have a CRISIS here of IMMENSE proportions, and pushing ethanol ain’t gonna cut it. Biden and the rest need to learn how to read the science and check out what the impact will be by turning the remaining rain forests into ethanol factories, and they need to act without regard to corporate lobbyists who are exploiting the world for profit (yeah, I’m a dreamer). He’s also using the watered down term of “climate change.” Honestly, is this the only way we can get these political buffoons to face their biggest issue of the day? I mean, yeah we got war, human rights and economic issues, but if we don’t got an atmosphere? I have a hard time taking his stand on this seriously, especially since it’s the very last entry in his list of issues on his website,

So, he’s not the worst of the bunch, but after a minimal amount of digging, he’s not as good as I thought.

Next up, Obama and Clinton will be taken together cuzz they seem to be little reflections of each other…kinda like a matched set. I mean, every time the camera panned out you saw Clinton nodding at everything Obama said and vicey versey. It was all rather amusing.

Can’t do it now though…I need to wash my brain out with soap between candidates.

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