Richardson & Kucinich & that crazy guy from Alaska

so lets make it two or three candidates at a time as this really hurts my solar plexus…

I think Richardson is the only candidate without a handler. Nobody’s coaching this dude. Well, maybe that crazy guy from Alaska is without a coach as well, but that’s probably because he scares them all away. Kucinich may or may not have someone tweaking his image, if he does, it’s probably his mother or his wife.

Richardson seems to be a smart man who thinks for himself and formulates his own opinions and it’s even possible that he writes his own shit. He is what I consider a straight-talker. He doesn’t mince up his words and run them through the poli-speak machine. He’s thoughtful, insightful but then puts it out there simply and directly. I like what he says about Iraq and his plan for withdrawal is no-nonsense and without illusions. He says:

Iraq is in a state of civil war, and only they can stop it. Bush’s policies have brought us to the point where we now have to choose between bad options and worse ones. We need to choose the path that will do the least damage to American national security—not the one that does the least damage to the President who created this catastrophe.

We should harbor no illusions. This withdrawal will not be pretty. People will die. But fewer will die than if we stay. There are no guarantees that our departure will end the civil war. But it is sure to continue so long as we stay.

The Iraqis might, or might not, resolve their political crisis. It is up to them. They distrust and fear one another, and this makes it very tough. But they share one goal they don’t want to destroy their own country. To save it, they need to stop killing each other and start compromising.

And we need to get out of the way. And then we have a moral obligation to help.

I had a hard time finding his website (guess Google doesn’t endorse him as his site comes up rather far down on the hit list. Everybody else’s website came at the top of the search). The first one I found was Americans for Richardson, but it’s been hacked by a 12 year old who just found out about the thrill of typing dirty words like sex, nympho and penis. owell. I’m sure it will be fixed soon. In the meantime, here’s the link to the issues section of his site:

Kucinich’s website is very rich in issues…he has something on every issue known to man plus a nice chunk of space for his wife. He’s a sweet guy! He meditates, and it shows. He may also be writing his own stuff as I can’t imagine he could have found people to write and write and write about everything. His site is information dense, and each link has a well reasoned and long essay on the subject with related links. This may be why he will never be president (aside from his diet choices). Americans all have ADD when it comes to issues. They can’t focus for more than a sound-bite on anything. They will go there, see the long lists, long statements with additional links and their eyes will glaze over and they will be lost. When you have a few hours to read, here’s his link to the issues:


Since there is soooooo very much on each of the issues, all I will say is he’s right about everything and nobody will pay attention.

Gravel is crazy. Gravel is passionate. Gravel barks out his positions in large, bold font. He will never be president but we need him to growl and point his finger at the other candidates to keep them honest. He was magnificent when he put Obama on the spot during the debate and we need more of that. Lots more. Gravel’s website has the issues he’s interested in listed on the first page (the only one so far) plus lots of “customer satisfaction” bits. The site is refreshingly unsophisticated and as simple as Kucinich’s is dense:

All of them say the usual about the environment, basically nothing new, except for Kucinich. He has a ton of environmental stuff from plain ol’ pollution to GMO crops and organic gardening. He even talks about “Mother Earth” which is another reason he’ll never get elected. Cattle farmers, loggers and Monsanto don’t believe in Mother Earth — too pagan.

Richardson has a safe healthcare plan which will never work. Kucinich and Gravel both want universal, single-payer, not for profit healthcare, although Kucinich thinks he’s the only one who is promoting that one. I’m sure Gravel has set him straight after the debate.

As I said before, I really like Richardson’s take on the Iraq war. Kucinich is a dyed in the wool PEACE advocate and I admire that and wish I lived in a country that took peace seriously, but I don’t and that makes me sad. Gravel is aggressively anti-war. The other candidates should worry for their personal safety around him. heh

Still haven’t found anybody denouncing torture as an issue, or calling to close all the secret detention centers. If anyone is, they have buried it quite nicely. One almost good thing I found was a link that Kucinich wants to repeal the Patriot Act! yay! *waves flag* But wait, the link is dead. The page is empty with the words typed in “Page not found,” but really looks like it was taken down. I wonder why? Owell, I won’t be happy until someone suggests dismantling the ridiculous Dept. of Homeland (In)Security.

okay…the brain is drained. later on i’ll finish up with Edwards and Dodd.

5 thoughts on “Richardson & Kucinich & that crazy guy from Alaska

  1. Anonymous says:

    President Kucinich: Not Impossible
    We need to cure America’s ADD when it comes to choosing a leader. We are a shallow, co-dependent country who deserves what we get in a President because we’re always voting for the “American Idol” candidate.

  2. irenelynch says:

    I have worked as a Kucinich supporter for both his tries.
    This man is the spiritual leader that so many Americans are looking for. He is extremely intelligent, a well-prepared legislator, very Middle East savy, is exactly a ‘real’ person.
    Can you imagine any of the other candidates on either side still living in their $20,000 house bought years ago?
    It’s a new world and I see BIG CHANGE coming.
    By the way, Crone – from one to another – excellent post, just don’t give up on him.
    Irene, originally from the Heart of America, KCMO; now unfortunately stuck in one of the phoniest towns in NJ.

    1. lsaboe says:

      Oh, I won’t give up on Kucinich. I hope the media gives both him and Richardson a better share of the coverage. When most Americans make their minds up according to what they hear on the evening news and all the nicely coiffed newspeople talk only about Clinton and Obama, my shoulders tend to slump.
      I used to have a friend who lived in KC. Interesting town. My friend was very into the diner scene and took us to a couple really neat places. Sorry about New Jersey. I live in the very republican burbs of Philly, so I can sympathize.
      btw, thanks for the comment and the additional information on Kucinich.

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