My ability to continue to tolerate what is happening politically in this country is close to snapping. I feel like an overstretched elastic band, and I am losing hope that any of those in congress will do anything that is *right* but only what is *safe* in the face of an angry president. What kind of power does he wield-this LAME DUCK-over people who were given a MANDATE to get us out of Iraq?

A friend of mine, on her blog, seems somewhat discouraged. She’s been working her tail off as a peace activist in the Quaker tradition, giving up enormous amounts of personal time to protest war, torture and lobby for peace. She asks if the failure to find an end to war is because she and her fellow activists haven’t sacrificed enough. Well, the failure is not with her or her fellow activists. But, we as citizens have made mistakes, and our recent but short-lived victory at the polls is proof of this. Our most recent mistake is believing that we have a two-party system and that by voting for representatives of one or the other of those parties, those we vote for will represent our views. Our mistake is thinking our voice/vote counts.

The reality of it is that these people we vote for are all of the same cloth and what we think are political/philosophical differences are nothing more than rhetorical babble–lies. They turn only for money and power and that money and power is firmly held by corporate interests. They have no principles and they are cowards in the face of power. The will of the people is a red herring.

So, the dems betrayed us and broke to the will of the president and those of power that *he* represents and they call this a “first step.”


Keith Olbermann expresses my anger and frustration well.

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  1. be_ansidhe says:

    You’re preaching to the choir,
    But the choir give a ROUSING “AMEN.”
    I am so discouraged by it all. The problem, and I can’t see around it, is by the time someone has the clout and money to run for office, they’ve sold so many pieces of their souls that there’s nothing left. Sometimes I just want to weep.
    My elder son is waiting on a full alert standby to go to Afghanisan. He’s been on this status for months now, and I’m numb with it. You just can’t maintain that degree of terror for more than a few weeks. It becomes a kind of resigned waiting, the kind that you see on the faces of packanimals who have been overloaded and over worked. I don’t like that look on my face.

    1. lsaboe says:

      Re: You’re preaching to the choir,
      my heart, wrenched as it is, is with you in your wait with your son. my older son is in the air force, and i thank the powers that be everyday that he’s a chinese linguist and not in a group that would be sent into the thick of things. he’s in japan right now, but at the end of this tour, he’s fairly certain he won’t re-up. he’s been in the AF since 94 and is thoroughly disgusted with all of it.
      i honestly don’t know how i’d cope if i were in your shoes. i envy your strength.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Re: You’re preaching to the choir,
        One simply endures. And daily bemoans the fact that the military in it’s infinite wisdom takes a 6’10” man with massive computer skills and makes of him a combat medic, placing him on the front lines where the only things bigger than him are the damned tanks. Why didn’t they tatoo a target on his forehead, as well?
        Rebby, a bit bitter…

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