spelling curse

why is it, when it’s really important, you misspell the most basic words? and why is it that the spelling error becomes more important than the point?

(if you don’t know what i mean, join an email list and see how long it takes before someone trashes someone else’s argument by asking if english is their second language)

that, my loves, is the nature of the spelling curse.

when i feel up to it, i’ll address the grammar gremlin.
if i live long enough, i’ll expose the perils of proof-reading poisoning.

but for now, what i really need is a beer.

2 thoughts on “spelling curse

    1. lsaboe says:

      hmmm…a gentleman from the 1700s. does your husband know?
      basically, i was just annoyed with some email lists i’m on and how mean people get when someone they *disagree* with think they can invalidate an argument because the person spelled something wrong or got his grammar a bit twisted about. dunno why people can’t address the point without it becoming personal.
      but yeah, i’ve made some real whoppers in emails to bosses and such. made a few that went out to the entire faculty…that’s always pleasant.

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