bush’s soopifyin’ speechifyin’

i mean…what do you do with that? bush! the dems “response” to the “most important bush speech” of the year? the term? the what?
it was so dumb. all i can say is it was dumb dumb dumb and the response was predictably dumb as well.
dumb people are in charge.
we are all so….

3 thoughts on “bush’s soopifyin’ speechifyin’

  1. Anonymous says:

    Bush accepted the advice of his general …who said what the President told him to say…
    What else can you expect?
    As for the democrats, it’s finally starting to sink in: they just want to get into power. They’ll oppose the current administration’s policies just as much as they have to so they can get into office but nothing too radical (a word I’m sure isn’t even in their vocabulary) that might alienate a lobbyist –oops! I mean a voter or two. After all, there’s a lot of $$$ to be made in Babylon-on-the-Potomac. Sure. The military-industrial-congressional complex has annihilated the original Babylon on the Tigris…and now they’re itchin’ to blow up Iran…
    BTW, did you read the one about all the BILLIONS that have gone down the drain in Iraq?

  2. dan_ad_nauseam says:

    This is a case of realpolitik on the part of the Democrats. What was interesting is that they came out and said it.
    I’m impressed by Obama’s acknowledgment that there are no good options. I’m disappointed by W’s relentless moving of the goalposts. I’m discouraged by the response, but more at the reality of the situation than the messengers.
    I’m annoyed by MoveOn’s ill-timed ad, which managed to unify the right.

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