suburban blues

so, i was outside and what do i see my neighbor doing? poisoning plants with roundup. he killed the honeysuckle, but left the poison ivy alone. i think i now know why my beautiful st. john’s wort died.
i was using one of the beds in the back yard bordering his yard for planting some food (fig tree) and medicinals.
that ends that.
so, now i have to dig up the fig tree and find some other place for it. then i’ll turn that bed into a compost pile. all the leaves will go there (he hates leaves, which is why there are no trees in his yard. none!).
i hope he hates my pile as much as i hate suburbia.

6 thoughts on “suburban blues

  1. brni says:

    sounds like we need to lori to “accidentally” loudly comment on it while he is out in the yard some time…
    but if he’s poisoning the side of our yard, you don’t want to put the compost pile there either.

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