couldn’t take the orange anymore. everytime i opened LJ my eyes blinked and my stomach clenched. just the wrong orange i guess. so, back to the boxy squares for a bit…just til i find time to deal with customizations.

shoulda left well enuf alone

6 thoughts on “so…

  1. ossobucco says:

    Ha! That’s very funny. I feel the same way about my little black dress. It was fine for the weekend but now I feel like I got drunk and slept in it. I miss my sober blue.

    1. brni says:

      isn’t part of the point of the little black dress the removal at the end of the night? (or, y’know, at the appropriate part of the night?)

      1. ossobucco says:

        Depends on how drunk you are. It’s even worse if you’ve forgotten to take off your pantyhose. *shudder*
        Okay, my little black dress LJ on a Monday morning, in the sober light of the beginning of the week, is beginning to look a little slutty.

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