my house smells of elderberries

so, brni gave me his plague. started with pain in the kidneys, then a sore throat, followed by cough–the usual. most of the time, at the first sign of a sore throat i can knock it out with a couple shots of echinacea and some yarrow throat spray, but not this time. this time it settled down nice and cozy for the duration.

and then i was out of my elderberry cough syrup.

nothing like slaving over the stove making a new batch of elderberry cough syrup while suffering from a miserable cough. but it’s done. a nice big batch of the stuff.

a note to the wise: always keep a stash of dried elderberries, honey and brandy on hand. you never know…

5 thoughts on “my house smells of elderberries

  1. johngorentz says:

    That reminds me, some elderberry wine would be good. I’d have to get sick to justify the expense, though. You, on the other hand, have all the excuse you need!
    1. Get sick
    2. Get elderberry wine
    3. Get well, soon!
    4. Drink the rest of the bottle

    1. lsaboe says:

      ya know, i’ve never had the pleasure of tasting elderberry wine, but judging on the delicious aroma and taste of my elderberry cough syrup…well, it’s something i think i should indulge in.
      and thanks for the well-wishes.

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