i think it’s time for a fast

so, i was reading my friends and in one of the comments to kijjohnson‘s post was a link to this tasty gem:

ok, be warned! this is gross. funny, but gross. it has also made me realize that canned goods (or any packaged “food”) is evil and i will never never ever eat any packaged food again, especially if it’s from china, japan, korea, mexico, the midwest, the southern states, and of course texas. in fact, i just may never eat again.

i need to go scrub my eyes out and disinfect my mouth.

4 thoughts on “i think it’s time for a fast

  1. be_ansidhe says:

    OH ICK!
    That settles it…as soon as Jon and I are moved, and into new jobs, I am scouting out the nearest natural food store, and we’re going all organic. He needs to, anyway, due to a medical condition, and it wouldn’t hurt me at all, either. ICK ICK ICK

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