attempted art

when brni gave me the wacom tablet it came with an older version of corel painter essentials (version 2). granted, painter essentials, at least this early version is very limited, but i really like the “natural” brushes. i’ve been playing with it a little bit, just to see how i might do art in a totally digital format and like it so much that i’ve ordered corel painter X. i’ve also been wanting to investigate vultures as a subject, so here’s my first couple attempts at it…
don’t laugh too hard, k?

6 thoughts on “attempted art

  1. Anonymous says:

    Not likely to laugh too hard — can’t catch my breath. Stunning work. The first was more commanding initially — it has an immediate intensity that just leaps off the screen. The second feels more contemplative and peaceful — not necessarily emotions I’d associate with vultures. Which makes it really, really special.
    I can’t wait to see round 2!

  2. irishkerry says:

    I don’t know if this posted earlier — so I’m repeating myself. But it won’t hurt 🙂 I can’t laugh too hard looking at these, because they take my breath away. The first is immediately powerful and compelling — it sort of reaches out and grabs. The second requires contemplation and is very peaceful — not something I usually associate with vultures, which makes it really special.
    You are awesome! Can’t wait for round 2. Did I mention the thing about the tattoo design?????

    1. lsaboe says:

      oh! “anonymous” up above must be you! apparently, comments from anonymous posters are screened and have to be unscreened by me before anyone can see them.
      what tattoo design? do you mean your NEW absolutely amazing shoulder piece?

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