there were birds today

and luckily, i had my camera with me.

on the way to the CSA farm in Kimberton, i saw an amazing gathering of waterfowl.


and then my favorite bird came by to see what the ruckus was all about

turkey vulture

turkey vulture

and when i got to the farm, the chickens were all hiding under the old rusted cart in the chicken yard.

chicken yard

it was a good day.

11 thoughts on “there were birds today

      1. johngorentz says:

        He’s often considered the greatest Russian filmmaker since WWII. Tarkovsky’s films include Solaris and Andrei Rublev. The opening panorama, followed by the long slow-moving take of the vulture, before moving to the intimate view of the world of the chicken, reminded me somehow of Tarkovsky’s or Sergei Bondarchuk’s techniques. Both of them do a lot with sky scenes.
        A new filmmaker who has been compared to Tarkovsky for his photographic techniques is Andrei Zwagintsev, for his work in Vozrashcheniye. I check every once in a while to see if his next film is on Netflix. I’m not sure if it has even come out yet.
        Maybe it was just my imagination, but the pacing of your story reminded me of things all three of these people have done.
        It could also be that I don’t know what I’m talking about. I’ve been watching Russian films for all of a year now. My excuse is it helps me learn the language, but an excuse for learning the language is that I can then watch these films better.
        In any case, I like your photos and the sequence and words with which you presented them.

      2. lsaboe says:

        Very interesting. I know nothing of Russian film but you’ve peaked my curiosity.
        Thank you for the kind words–I’m in the beginning stages of learning photography. Coming from a background in drawing/painting, I find it very difficult to see the way a camera sees — without interpreting — and at the same time keeping in mind the mechanics of the thing. I took about 40 pictures that day and these four were the only ones worth looking at.
        But it was thrilling to get those four good ones, so I’m happy.

      1. irishkerry says:

        Seeing . . .
        That’s interesting what you said about not being able to see the way the camera does. I always say that my problem is that I can’t get my camera to see what I see. It’s usually not a matter of interpretation so much as patterns. I think I need to get a real camera and learn more about how it sees. At least with digital we don’t waste tons of money or have to wait forever for film to be developed . . .
        Oh yeah — nice pics 🙂

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