so i voted this afternoon and this is the very first time that i’ve ever had any trouble. we had a paper ballot where we had to fill in the oval next to the entry or blacken the yes/no oval, whichever pertained.

i filled out my ballot and then put it through the recognition/copier machine.
and it spit it back out saying that i had filled out two more ovals than i should have.

i take the ballot, check it over and no, it is filled out correctly.
i insert the ballot into the machine again and this time it says i haven’t filled in all the ovals.

i look at the guy in charge, who is flustered and said, well, if you think it’s okay just shove it through again and select “accept.”
so that’s what i did.

stoopid machine.

i think i’ll keep my ballot stub this time.
just in case.

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