painting update

it’s taken me a week to get the first phase of house painting project done. this is dismal and making me very grumpy. there’s so much wrong with the way this house is slapped together that the prep work alone took 4 days. and this, dear friends, is just the damned hallway/stairwell. and i haven’t yet done the doors, trim or baseboards.

but i plod on…

after the trim, etc. is done (hopefully tomorrow), i will take everything off the wall in the tiny downstairs hall. hell, you can’t really call it a hall, it’s more of a little bend that goes from the living room around to the stairs and doors to the bathroom and downstairs bedroom. i plan to take down the paintings, sand, prime and tape. the bitch is, i have to sand all the walls because the last paint job i used a glazing medium to do a faux thingy. i will never do a faux thingy again.

when all the prep is done (if i live), then i’ll paint ceiling and walls in that area. then i dismantle the living room, shove all the furniture to the center of the room, rinse and repeat the hallway plan. not doing the trim or doors as they are fine.

at the rate this is going, i’ll be done sometime after Thanksgiving.

after this is done, we will be ready for xmas. after xmas is done, then i’m going to destroy the kitchen so that i can fix it. what fun.

i need to go drink alcohol now.

3 thoughts on “painting update

  1. brni says:

    and of course it’s rainy and miserable today, which makes the light crappy.
    we can work on the sanding this weekend?
    what do you have planned for the kitchen?

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