painting update too

the color dried very wrong.
back to home despot to pick out a less bold color that brni can live with.
we reel it back to day 3 or 4. tape, cut, paint, curse, continue.

eta.: just an fyi–don’t paint when it’s been raining for a long time.
it does bad things to walls and paint.

3 thoughts on “painting update too

  1. ossobucco says:

    Painting is such a pain in the ass. And it always takes longer and costs more than you anticipated.
    I use a lot of bold/dark colours. They look great but maaaan was painting hard work.

  2. ladywind says:

    1) my husband snorts when I call it that, but Home Despot does seem the best name… And Mal-Wart.
    2) Best of luck, here. 🙂 My mother once tried to paint the library in her house a soothing sage green. What she got looked more like radioactive celery. Rather than buy more paint, she just put up LOTS of bookshelves.

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