dog sitting

My son, Jess, and his girlfriend went to DC to a coffee convention for Jess’s work, so Brni and I are dog-sitting. Of course, I took the opportunity to whip out the camera — Lindsey has the most adorable little beagle named Leo.


and here are Loki and Leo, squared off with their peanut butter filled kongs.

Dog kong

4 thoughts on “dog sitting

  1. jezebellydancer says:

    We had a part Beagle when I was growing up. Smartest dog I ever met. He could do a standing jump at my 6’4″ friend and plant a slurp on his nose before he knew what hit him.
    Skipper could also do a James Cagney impersonation. With a skinny leather chew in his mouth, he would curl up one side of his lip. Got to the point whenever we said, “You dirty rat…” He would curl his lip. Too funny.

    1. lsaboe says:

      sounds like he was a fun dog. we think our loki is part beagle, but the only part we’re sure of is the pit bull part. oh, and cutest-dog-in-the-world part.

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