the gods gave us fire to keep lizards warm

I used to love it when the power went out. Well, I still love it, but only in the warm weather since in winter, even though I can cook still cook (gas) and bundle up against the cold, loss of heat is life threatening to the iguana. It’s frightening to watch him turn black with the cold.

I find it outrageous that they build houses in this climate without fireplaces or wood burning stoves as an alternate heat source. I find it just dumb that we bought a house without a fireplace, but there’s nothing to be done about it now I suppose. Except maybe figure out how to get a small wood stove set up somewhere in this little house.

At least I have a hot water bottle to try and keep the poor lizard from dying.

4 thoughts on “the gods gave us fire to keep lizards warm

  1. ossobucco says:

    Uh, how can you use the computer and connect to the Internet if your power is out?
    There is probably an obvious answer to this that will make me blush to my blonde roots.

    1. lsaboe says:

      batteries and microwaves!!!
      when the power’s out i have about 2 hours of battery-life on the laptop. if the cable is down, then brni has this nifty card he shoves in his laptop that connects via microwaves from the cellphone towers. then he turns his computer into a server so that i can connect via bluetooth.
      it’s good to live with an internet geek.
      (btw, power came on just as i was ready to send the post–lucky lizard).

  2. jezebellydancer says:

    Our house is all electric, and the previous owners in their wisdom (or to save money because they were cheap maybe?) put in a wood stove. Unfortunately with my allergies, we don’t use it much. But it’s nice to have as a backup. We use pellets, they burn cleaner. When we lost power for 3 days last yr, we all bunked in the living room and ate out since we couldn’t cook. I am NOT a girl scout.
    Depending on how your home is situated you can retrofit a wood stove, or a propane heater. Or keep a kerocene heater for emergencies. (But the kerocene bothered my allergies too.

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