drumming for the sun

i spent almost five hours decorating the tree. i approach the tree as art. i approach almost everything as art, but it’s a rare thing that anyone notices. the first one to notice was Steve when he told me many years ago that i make pretty food. sometimes i wonder if anyone really understands the consideration for beauty that i put into the tree or the trinket casually placed on the table.


we went dancing and drumming tonight. there was singing but it wasn’t human. i looked around and none of the lovely people in the drumming circle were singing or humming or vocalizing in any way.

but the voices were there and they were awesomely beautiful, dreamy and eerie and wonderful. it was also the first time i didn’t feel mortal — or rather, i felt as if i was in touch with something immortal?

kinda cool, that.

2 thoughts on “drumming for the sun

  1. descartes_rock says:

    I remember writing an essay in high school whose thesis was that a particular character lived her life as though it were a piece of art. Damned if I can remember the character — could have been To the Lighthouse but somehow I don’t think so. Anyway, it was an interesting thesis — but it took many years before I realized just how relevant it was. At the time I understood it only in the most academic terms — you know, defint art, demonstrate how the character approaches all tasks as art. Now I realize just how important it is that we all approach our lives as artists approach their work.

  2. jezebellydancer says:

    We were truly *between the worlds* on Friday night. I am still carrying that dreamy transcendent feeling around with me–even though I can feel the muscle aches from drumming for so long.
    In my younger days, I used to think this sort of imagery was a methaphor, but the more I experience moments like these–ethereal singing, domes of power, the veil between world, I wonder.
    Thankful for this uletide awe that has been betowed on me.

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