some photos

Well, I finally got around to uploading some recent photos and working on some old ones.

First Snow-Rooftops

All we managed to eek out of it was about an inch of snow, but it was wonderful while it lasted. Almost felt like winter amidst the warming trend.

First Snow-street
My neighbor’s beautiful cherry tree across the street.

First Snow-Gully 2
and, of course, our gully. I love the tangle of branches and power lines.

My poor sick puppy.

breaks my heart

My dead guy!
Dead Guy
Thank you,earlofgrey, for my new kitchen helper!

Back in 2005, westlinwind and earlofgrey and brni and I took a day trip to Centralia, Pennsylvania. I have a slew of photos that are too grainy to stand on their own, so I’ve begun the process of manipulating them in Corel Painter X and Photoshop to make then worthy of display. At least I hope I can. Here’s the first attempt.

Fire down below...

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