sunset after a trying day

Unseasonably warm, the day had been gray with a dismal, off-and-on rain. The weather reflected my depression after taking my demented father to his first visit with a neurologist to find out why he’s so mean and crazy.

Finally home and trying to decompress with a cup of tea, I looked out the back window to see jewel tones of blue, gold and crimson. I grabbed the camera in an attempt to combat and record this assault on my well-earned black mood.

There you go. A miserable day gone down in a blaze of glory.

This one is facing south off the deck out back.
dusk, southern sky

Facing west

Above the house, facing northish
dusk-above house

Across the street, facing easterly
dusk-eastern sky

17 thoughts on “sunset after a trying day

      1. ladywind says:

        reminds me of…
        A thing my grandfather used in a sermon once. A five-year-old’s letter to God: “Dear Sir, I didn’t think purple went with orange till I saw the sunset tonight.”
        Still glad you were on the spot with the camera. 🙂

      1. zjman says:

        Well, yeah. I do love snow and I love it up here, but even the locals were overheard this morning as saying it’s been a bit much this year.

  1. westlinwind says:

    Yes. Coming home from Phoenixville today the sky was incredible. Twenty different types of clouds and such gorgeous colors. I’m so glad you caught these moments, darlin’ woman. *hugs* All will be well.

    1. lsaboe says:

      blinky lights…just like xmas!
      sorry you missed such a fine sky display, tho’ even if you’d been home, you probably would have had eyes glued to monitor.

    1. lsaboe says:

      yeah, it’s not easy dealing with my dad’s dementia, but i better get used to it, cuzz it’s getting dangerous for him to continue to live alone. but getting him into an assisted living/nursing home situation is going to be extremely horrible since he’s not a cooperative sort.

      1. mouseworks says:

        I suspect that the places that specialize in dementia cases…
        …know how to manage that problem.
        My dad went willingly to a retirement community.
        The retirement community has been very good for him. He’s legally blind and has balance problems, so needed to be somewhere with strong guys who could help him up if he slipped off his girl friend’s couch.
        I understand this has happened.
        If you do try to take care of your dad at home, the only sane way to do it is with help. Otherwise, as sole caretaker, you’ll be overburdened and resentful and since nobody takes women’s work seriously, nobody will understand how hard it is. Hire a person who you can imagine being with you when your father dies or goes to the hospital for the last time. Pay them a decent wage. The woman who was with us for my grandfather’s last days is still my uncle’s friend. A friend in Oregon is still friends with the woman she hired to help take care of her mom and who held her hand while she was holding her mom’s hand as her mom died.

  2. notzathros says:

    We had to put my grandpa in a facility towards the end of his life as he was a danger to himself. It was extremely hard and he complained bitterly. He kept insisting he didn’t belong there as the place was full of OLD people. He never really forgave my mother and insisted on calling her by her sister’s name from then on. No choice really though, as it beat having him drink himself to death and burn the house down because he’d forget he had food on the stove. Of course, with grandma, Lee and Mom moved in with her in Ormand, cared for her, drove her everywhere and gave her her pills and shots until she finally died at home. That wasn’t particularly easy either. Guess there’s really no good solution. My thoughts are with you.
    Beautiful pictures, BTW!

    1. lsaboe says:

      thanks–so far, everything i’ve learned about getting people into nursing homes in PA–all the regulations, money stuff, etc. makes it very difficult if not impossible to get them in there if they are unwilling (and can voice that) or if they are “difficult.” i commend your mom and lee for taking care of your grandma, but that’s not an option with my dad. he’s too mean and my house is too small. just the thought of it makes me want to end it all now.

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