full birthday eclipse

feb 20th is the next full moon. not only that, it’s a total lunar eclipse AND i will be turning 57 years old on that day.
i mean, is this auspicious or what? a full moon/lunar eclipse on my birthday? kinda feels like it…

friends? family? LJers? what should i do? i mean, it feels like something should be done….
give me your thoughts or ideas or just mock me in some wonderfully loony way.


11 thoughts on “full birthday eclipse

    1. lsaboe says:

      o, aren’t you wonderful, but i don’t think i’ll be able to have company that day. i guess we’ll just have to coordinate our moon gazing.

  1. zjman says:

    a full moon/lunar eclipse on my birthday?
    It was actually planned specifically for my birthday. 😛
    I think it’s a wonderful celestial gift. There will be some splendid energy to work with. *wink*

      1. lsaboe says:

        the only thing i’ve been able to think up is to build a small fire in the chiminea outside and offer up my intentions for the year. i just have to figure out what my intentions are and then hope the weather allows for a fire and good viewing. the other thing would be to make moon/eclipse water, but that too would depend on visibility and such.

  2. jezebellydancer says:

    How cool is that? And happy birthday too.
    The last time there was a lunar eclipse that we could see in this area, we heard coyotes howl.
    Hmm. A shadow on the moon–sounds like a good time to contemplate our shadow selves, the dark side (not evil, just dark). Or if the dark side doesn’t appeal, how about the balance created as earth, moon and sun align?

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