my huzban, the writer-dude

ok….this is weird. brni is talking on the phone to his “editor/publisher lady.” they are going through his story line by line trying to make edits so that it will fit in the book. apparently, there is a max on numbers of pages.
it’s all a mystery to me.

brni wants tequila but we have none.
scotch. nada.
declined the cheap 100 proof vodka i use for making medicine.

3 thoughts on “my huzban, the writer-dude

  1. jezebellydancer says:

    Hey, you should have called me! I have a bottle of scotch with brni’s name on it. And I was in your neighborhood Friday night. Or Crown Royal, or Limoncello, or Drambuie, or mead, or some homebrewed peach wine which has since turned into peach liquor because I drink too slow…
    Ugh, I feel brni’s pain. I used to edit a journal and trying to edit articles simply to fit the space allotted was the worst. I was also the desktop publisher, so I could massage the kerning to get things to fit.

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