the tastes of youth


last night, due to the massively dusty house reconstruction project, brni and i decided that we should eat out. basically, we wanted to taste food that was not laced with joint compound. normally, we would have gone out for sushi, but since the house is eating an amazingly huge hole in our bank account, we opted for the local diner.

now, i always do this. i see something i know i’ll like then i see something else and think…hmmm…maybe i should order that instead. i always regret this, but i do it anyway. so this time, i decided to get the fried filet of sole sandwich because i remembered liking fried fish sandwiches when i was young.

and well, ya know what? tastes change. the palate is more discriminating at 57 than it was at 17 and the stomach is more sensitive when it comes to things like old grease and fish bricks with tartar-mortar.

i’m happy to announce that next time, i’ll have the vegetarian panini.

or maybe just a grilled cheese.

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