done and done

Apparently, yelling at Croatian contractors works. He showed up on Saturday with an assistant, and after some excuses and more arguing, he finally conceded and got to work. They worked all day and they finished the basement, checking off each item on my list.

And Brni has finished the bedroom floor. It really looks good and as a bonus, he was able to match the color to the floor in the rest of the house. Something the contractor deemed “impossible.”

Pictures will follow shortly…but first, I need to drink my coffee.

4 thoughts on “done and done

  1. zjman says:

    Damn, remind me to never cross you! 😉
    So happy to hear all is worked out. Sucks that you had to go through that trouble, still, but at least it’s over.

  2. brni says:

    are you sure it’s done? there’s some places where i didn’t sand the putty well enough. maybe i should strip it back down to the wood and start over?

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