our badroom

When Ilija (the Yugoslav/Serbo-Croatian contractor) first wrote up the estimate for the work on our house, we realized he spelled English with an accept, so our bedroom became the badroom.

All our problems with him resolved after my explosion. He spent a full day plus about another half day or so fixing up stuff and cleaning up the construction trash littering my backyard. When Brni approached him to find out if there was any outstanding money owed, he said, “Don’t talk to me about money. I don’t want to even think about money.” I guess it was a significant explosion.


Today, Brni and I emptied the POD and restored our badroom. The bed, the dressers, nightstands, my yoga space…everything except the paintings (that will happen tomorrow). We started working early this morning and finished around dinner time. I’m exhausted—painfully so.

but….we get to sleep in our badroom tonight!!! I doubt, given the extent of our exhaustion that we will live up to the room’s new name, but sleep we will.

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