Jesse’s head

I dislike seeing such negative dad stuff when i log in, so I give you…

Jesse’s head

So, my kid went camping in MD and one of the guys he was with was chopping wood — with a rock. Said kid got tired and asked Jess to finish chopping. So Jesse took hold of the rock and brought it down hard on the wood.
And the wood shattered and one of the shattered pieces struck him in the head.

So, here’s Jesse’s wounded head…

6 thoughts on “Jesse’s head

    1. lsaboe says:

      yeah, basically my reaction. He called me and proudly said, “Guess what I did? I cracked my head open!”
      From the sound of it, he *should* have gotten stitches, but didn’t and probably had a slight concussion (lost his hearing, got nauseated and then blacked out for a bit), but of course, he didn’t get checked out or anything.
      I’m still trying to adjust to the thought of a bunch of guys in the woods doing first aid on my boy’s head.

      1. ladywind says:

        I have the oddest feeling there may’ve been duct tape.
        (I have a scar on my left arm from a bladeless chainsaw–haunted house accident. The guys in the scene with me patched me up with gauze and duct tape.)

      2. ladywind says:

        Duct tape for the win!
        (Really wasn’t as bad as all that. Our little scene was this: Tall, dark, handsome fellow enjoying romantic dinner with long haired girl in white flowy dress. We dance. We coo. We’re attacked by masked lunatic with chainsaw. Tall dark and handsome spills overcooked spaghetti and undercooked liver on the onlookers; I shriek like a banshee, throw myself at the attacker, and get cut down. Attacker laughs maniacally. Onlookers squeal and exit the house.
        Well. One round, I flung myself at the guy with the chainless-saw just a little too enthusiastically and nicked my arm. The fall was convincing. The attacker’s hand in my hair was convincing. The onlookers’ squeals covered the litany of “ohmygodI’msosorryareyouokaypleasedon’tbehurt” coming from behind the mask.
        A little gauze, a little duct tape…)
        So here’s to interesting scars and the stories that go with ’em. Methinks his scar’ll be more significant than mine; hope it heals neatly, though…

  1. jezebellydancer says:

    Yeah, looks like there should have been a trip to the ER.
    Is that the way he usually wears his hair, or did his buddies shave it for him to fix the wound?
    Yipes. I have a scar on my face from an exploding soda bottle when I was about 6. And no, I didn’t shake the bottle. I pulled it out of the case and whammo. But Aries always have at least one facial scar.

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