anyone care to venture an interpretation?

of this spread…My question was how will this thing end with my dad — I’m facing going to court with the landlord who wants to hold me to an entire year’s lease.

cards from 1-10 are:

Ten of Wands-reversed
King of Wands
The Tower
Six of Wands
Queen of Wands-reversed
Eight of Cups
The Emperor
The Fool
Eight of Coins-reversed
Ten of Cups

So, have fun with my life!

eta: westlinwind asked me to pull another card to cover/clarify the eight of cups. The card was the Five of Swords.

10 thoughts on “anyone care to venture an interpretation?

  1. mouseworks says:

    On the landlord issue, I think consulting an attorney would be wise
    How bad was your dad in this place? If he left the place in bad enough shape that floors will have to be replaced before the place is fit for human habitation and you signed the lease, you might offer to settle for the cost of repair and cleaning.
    If you didn’t sign the lease, how can he take you to court for what your dad did? On this matter, I’d suggest you consult your attorney.

    1. lsaboe says:

      Re: On the landlord issue, I think consulting an attorney would be wise
      yes, we in fact have hired an attorney who does real estate/landlord/tennant work. the condition of the place isn’t a question so much as the landlord holds everyone to the lease no matter what. he does not negotiate. the secretary said, “even if you die, he holds you to the lease.” he wants an entire year until the lease ends in june 09.
      and yes, i had to cosign the lease to get dad in there 10 years ago.

      1. mouseworks says:

        Re: On the landlord issue, I think consulting an attorney would be wise
        This one is going to depend on landlord/tenant law in the state and what can he do to your credit rating and how much you care.
        Considering that I bought a house less than a decade after some spectacular credit card debts that I basically settled on for less than the full amount owed, I’m kinda cynical about threats to credit ratings. If the bastard can attach salary or assets, then that’s another issue.

  2. westlinwind says:

    Ok, darlin…ready?
    Ten of Wands-reversed: This card position represents you in your current situation. The ten of wands is a card of carrying too much on your back, of assuming too much responsibility. You are trying to do everything yourself, and it is sapping your energy. However, the card is reversed, which in this case means you are moving beyond this tendency and starting to let go of the need to control everything. *wry smile* It can also represent a deep desire to NOT have the responsibilities you’ve assumed.
    King of Wands: This card is crossing you, a position which has the potential of two meanings. First meaning: interestingly enough, this is a card of you taking charge, but with new ideas and different strategies than you’ve ever used. Second meaning: it represents a powerful, male force that you have to deal with before you move on. The landlord.
    The Tower: Placed in the position of being at the “root of the issue”, the tower card represents a blinding flash of truth. A crumbling of the false sense of “everything being just fine.” Yup, been there.
    Six of Wands: This is behind you. Honestly? I think it represents Brni and his recent writing successes. It’s an unusual interpretation of that card, but that’s what it is saying to me. He’s got your back, darlin’.
    Eight of Cups: Ah, my favorite “enough of this shit” card. It is in front of you, this shedding of old things, old relationships, and old ways of dealing with situations facing you. It can also represent a move, so it could be simply a literal interpretation of the situation you are facing.
    Queen of wands – reversed: Crowning the situation is a woman who is very creative, but also has a fiery temper with a tendency to be bossy. Reversed could indicate that the negative characteristics are presenting themselves in the current situation, including a loss of creativity and an overwhelming sense of fatigue. A lack of energy to move forward.
    More in a moment…

    1. lsaboe says:

      i could not figure out the six of wands at all, but your take on it makes sense. and yes, he has my back, though this crisis has been taking a stressful toll on him. *sigh*
      eight of cups/enough of this shit card—love it!
      but please, do go on…

      1. westlinwind says:

        eight of cups/enough of this shit card: the more I think about it? This card might mean you will have to pay the rental fees (or most of them), but decide it is worth it in order to move on.

  3. westlinwind says:

    Ok, on to the next part…
    The Emperor: Represents two things. First: an impatient, demanding and controlling father-figure. Your dad. And, on a subtler level, the landlord. Second, because of its placement, the card also represents you, in a position of power over your situations, your emotions, your temper. A wise use of responsibility. Not a bad place to be in.
    The Fool: This card position represents your “house”, or how those closest to you are reacting to the situation. It is a person making a move, on the brink of a new start or new direction in life. Like most of this reading, this card has many layers of meaning. Could literally stand for your dad moving into a home. Could be Brni, and the new direction his life is taking career-wise. Dunno, really. It is an interesting counterpoint to the other figures in the reading, however.
    Eight of Coins-reversed: This is the hopes and fears position. The eight of coins is a card of learning. Upright, it can mean getting so involved in study or work that you miss out on the world around you. Reversed, it can mean that you are feeling stagnant. Oddly, when I first started to interpret this, I was writing as if it were the eight of cups, so I’m gonna pass on a bit of that meaning as well. The eight of cups, reversed, is someone who gives up their dreams and settles for a miserable reality. The child who gives up her own career/life to care for domineering parents, and ends up bitter and resentful.
    Ten of Cups: The reading has a “happy ending”, as this card represents true family. Those we choose to have in our lives, whether blood relatives or not. This is a group that surrounds you, cares for you, brings you joy and energy, and makes you smile. There for you in good times and bad.

    1. lsaboe says:

      yes, had a hard time with The Fool in this mix, but it felt hopeful to see it there.
      The Eight of Coins-reversed I couldn’t figure at all. I’m so new/uninsightful about this stuff…all I could think was that I needed to get out from under the burden of responsibility that my family has always heaped on my back…making it impossible for me to open to my own interests.
      Oh, but I do not want to continue on being bitter and resentful, which I most definitely am at the moment. I want to shrug it all off and go running back to the Fool.
      I was hoping the last card was as hopeful and wonderful as it looked.
      *thank you, dear lady*

  4. westlinwind says:

    An interesting reading, if your question was truly about the landlord situation, because there is little in the reading regarding money or legal matters. Rather, each card seemed to have several layers of meaning. So my advice? Look beyond the surface and see what’s there. In the grand scheme of what’s happening in your life, I think you’ll find the landlord thing is a small distraction. A means of looking at something deeper and more personal. That’s all my brain can grasp at the moment, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask.
    Love you, Lady.

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