dog day

Finally, a day without rain. Perfect day to take Loki and my camera to the park, or so I thought.

My first lesson of the day was that you can’t take a decent photograph while the dog tugs at the leash. Even if the leash is hooked to your waist rather than looped over your arm. The camera makes no distinction between one form of movement or the other…it all comes to a blurry end.

The second, and most alarming lesson was that Loki just doesn’t have the stamina for a walk around the park in 90 degree weather. After an hour or so it was obvious that she wasn’t going to make it back to the car. She was panting so heavily and having such trouble that even with frequent water and shade breaks, she was just plain done in. I finally poured most of the water over her head and belly and after letting her lie down for twenty minutes we managed to make it to the “Welcome Center” and an air conditioned lobby.

I met up with a park ranger who informed me that I was a good 2.5 miles from where I parked the car.

o dear

There was no way Loki could make it back under her own steam, so I called Brni. He dropped everything and dashed over to pick us up and drive us to my car.

From now on, Loki’s walks will be limited to our neighborhood and small shady parks close to home.

3 thoughts on “dog day

  1. jezebellydancer says:

    I’m a lot closer to the park. If something like this happens again–call me.
    Today would have been bad cuz I was photocopying stuff for the lawyer and then running out to my appt with her. But normally, I could buzz over pick you both up and drive you to you car.

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