ahhh, randy

Brni and I were driving home from walking Loki at the local walking/biking path when a music reviewer for NPR came on to talk about Randy Newman’s new CD, Harps and Angels. As background, my dears, Randy Newman is my all-time, most favorite singer/songwriter/composer ever on the planet and beyond. Yes, yes, yes.

The reviewer, sharing my appreciation for Mr. Newman’s genius, made mentioned of the one song he was less than pleased with which was “A Few Words in Defense of Our Country.” Now, he wasn’t disappointed with the lyrics or sentiment of the song, but rather the version redone for the album. Apparently, Randy put out a YouTube video of the song before the album came out. The reviewer pointed out that the version on the album was reworked in a country/western style, losing much of its cutting political edge.

After we got home, Brni turned around and went out to buy the CD. We listened. It’s wonderful. I then searched out the YouTube vid and yes, the reviewer was dead on. The album is great. The song better as first presented.

so, here it is…

you can leave your hat on.

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