an olympic moment–or maybe just a twitch

i know it’s debatable as to what sports should be included in the olympic games, but i wonder who is deciding and why. recently, i heard that there’s a bid for skateboarding to be included. well, i suppose that if “beach volleyball” can be considered an olympic sport, why the hell not skateboarding? I’m sure those of us not all gaga over girls in bikinis will at least have more interesting “uniforms” to check out on the skateboarders. i mean, i really think it’s kinda cute to see kids dressed in too-baggy short pants with baseball caps on backwards.

i’m sad to hear that softball and baseball are to be de-olympicized after this year. i guess their uniforms weren’t revealing enough. or maybe they got canned because nobody cares about baseball except the americans and japanese? but no, that can’t be right. do you think there’s worldwide interest in beach volleyball? i mean, aside from the leer-factor.


i just turned on the olympics and saw what looked like a game of marco polo! i’m sorry….but that’s just too silly for me to watch. i think i’ll check back later. hopefully, i’ll catch something interesting like gymnastics, diving, or possibly a relay race?

meantime, i think i’ll read a book.

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