stupid experts

So, the day after the day after we read this in the NYTimes regarding the sad state of our financial affairs…

The euphoria that swept Wall Street on Monday gave way to a sober reality on Tuesday: a recession, perhaps the deepest one in decades, may be unavoidable.

A day after the stock market staged one of its biggest rallies in history, buoyed by the government’s plan to rescue banks, investors retreated once again.

When will the “experts” and the government grow up and begin the hard work of fixing the actual problems that caused what appears to be our next big depression, instead of what they are doing …

“booooooooo….all the money’s gone….sellsellsell”


Face it, the invisible hand is all twisted and crippled. It’s time to make some fundamental changes in how we do business. Unfettered capitalism has just kicked our greedy asses.

One thought on “stupid experts

  1. admnaismith says:

    Wow, I’m impressed. A full year after the recession began, and there are still people in the media talking about whether one “might happen”.
    Do they also think there’s a chance Rudy Guliani might not get his party’s nomination for President?

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