today, i needed to plant things.

i planted some mums and some pansies.
i put a cement rabbit in the little bed in front of the living room window. i put a frog planter next to the front stoop. i put a little purple aster in the frog planter.
i raked leaves and swept the front walk and driveway.

i hung a witch ball in the front window.

tomorrow i bury dad’s ashes and then i plan to thoroughly clean the house. i will sweep out the dust and negativity and sprinkle salt across the threshold and then clear the space with sage and drumming.

i hope to have a clear, sparkling house by saturday so that i can go to the memorial service with a clear mind and a clean slate (so to speak).

when all is done, i may take a long, hot, hot, very hot bath with salt and lavender to wash away the rest.

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