3 thoughts on “we did it!

    1. lsaboe says:

      ashamed? not so much…
      hmmm…to be finally proud that people in this country have gotten passed the race issue and elected an african american as president didn’t mean i was “ashamed” of being white. i’ve been ashamed of the things that were done to people of color in this country by the white, christian majority–native american genocide, slavery and discrimination of minorities, including hispanics, asians, italians, jews, hindus and other non-christians, etc.
      having no ancestors *from* this country–being a child of immigrants–gave me enough distance not to be ashamed of my ancestral history as it relates to the actions of this country towards non-white, non-christian peoples. but now, i’m proud of what this country is capable of overcoming.
      so, maybe there’s hope for us all?

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