polymer immersion

i’ve begun working in polymer clay–well–learning to work in polymer clay is more appropriate. i’ve had a couple false starts but i am totally consumed by working in 3 dimensions. i’ve never done any sort of sculpture before except for the occasional ashtray at summer camp.

i love it. but i’m also amazed at how totally different it is to work in space than on paper. there is no “illusion” in space. i can’t make it “seem” like a round thing…it has to BE a round thing.

so, i am working, thinking and even dreaming “in the round.”

One thought on “polymer immersion

  1. jezebellydancer says:

    I enjoyed working with clay with a Peruvian artist of multiple talents. I liked the kinesthetic aspects, I found it to be very sensuous, and I liked it much better than 2-D art (which is full of suck for me).
    Fransisco would contantly tell me I had to dominate the clay. I was more subconscious about the whole thing. I tried to blend with what the clay wanted to do. All-in-all, I was happy with my results.
    can’t wait to see what you create.

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