trouble with asses

so, there’s something wrong with my approach to armatures. i have made 3 little sculpts and apparently there was an air pocket that caused them to explode…out the ass section.


it seems i have trouble with asses.

luckily, polymer clay asses can be fixed, unlike traditional clay asses. but i still need to figure out what i’m doing wrong, though i’m sure it will all come out in the end.


5 thoughts on “trouble with asses

  1. nimitzbrood says:

    That’s quite odd. Everything I have ever heard, and anything I can find at my fingertips currently, says it should never do that.
    Can you post a picture? I’m curious to see what happened!

    1. lsaboe says:

      wish i could, but i didn’t take pictures. i just cursed a lot, cut out the bad asses and patched in new ones.
      i’m sure i’ve gotten the knack of exploding asses down pat, so i’ll take a shot of the next one.

  2. ladywind says:

    Hm… A heated-moisture problem, maybe, if you coated the metal armature in white glue and it didn’t get rockhard dry? You’re not the only one this has happened to–I’ve read the cursing of others–I just can’t remember exactly what went sideways for them… ~vexed-at-self face~
    Potentially useful link:
    A forum supporting Katherine Dewey’s Elvenwork site (she makes poly-clay figurines/dolls, and teaches classes/writes guidebooks).

    1. lsaboe says:

      thanks for the link. i’ve seen dewey’s work and website–but i didn’t realize there was a forum. VERY helpful stuff as i glance through..
      what i was doing was experimenting with different materials for the armature. i was making some wide-bottomed animals and decided to try using newspaper under foil under masking tape to create the shape. i have a feeling this was not one of those ideas that fall into the genius category.
      so, today….off to the store to get more clay, foil, and wire. and maybe other cool things that catch my eye (i’m addicted to art supplies).

      1. ladywind says:

        ~makes note to self re: newsprint + polyclay + 275F oven = splat~ Bless you for taking one for the team, though. 🙂
        So will there be pictures of wide-bottomed animals? (she asked hopefully)
        MmMmm, art supplies. They’re so shiny and interesting. Especially the things I have no idea how to use. Have fun feeding the habit! 😀

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