13 thoughts on “what i’ve been doing…

  1. ladywind says:

    <3! The grass-fellow, who's still mostly armature! The expression on his/her face makes my heart ache; I can't tell whether it's searching or resigned. <3

    1. lsaboe says:

      i’m almost done with this one. s/he (rather androgenous, but i think mostly female since well, i’m a girl) is “offering.” there will be some sort of fruit/gift in her hands. haven’t yet decided on what. needs paint and embellishments (more grassy viney stuff).
      the reason i suck at this is i don’t plan things out and i keep changing my mind. everything i’ve read abt sculpture tells me much goes into the planning stage.
      i’ve never been good at that.

  2. descartes_rock says:

    These are wonderful. You are so talented. I particularly like the… woodland… well, what is it exactly? Spirit of the woods? I’m really bad with mythical creatures. But I love it.

  3. linda_a says:

    These are great!!!
    How long have you been working with polymer clay? I’ve just started.
    I am dabbling in miniatures right now and am making various little things with polymer clay which have turned out okay. But I would love to do dolls for my scenes.

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