love is a warm puppy

Loki got sick in the middle of the night and continued to get worse through the day. She kept throwing up and couldn’t manage to do her business, so I feared a blockage of some kind. My neighbor’s daughter was visiting her mom, so I asked her to come and check Loki out (she’s a vet). She agreed that it looked like some sort of blockage or possibly pancreatitis, and recommended that she be seen by her vet or go to the hospital. Being Sunday, I had to take her to the emergency vet hospital.

They did xrays, blood tests, etc. and put her on IV fluids because she was dehydrated from all the vomiting. My poor baby is spending the night in the hospital. She’ll have an ultrasound tomorrow in hopes of pinpointing what the problem is.

Of course, Brni is in VA, so I’m alone with worry tonight. I’ve only spent maybe 7 or 8 nights without Loki in the eight years we’ve had her. She sleeps with us at night, and when Brni is out of town, she keeps me warm.

I feel very alone.

12 thoughts on “love is a warm puppy

  1. notzathros says:

    Big hug. Sorry about your puppy. If you get lonley or scared, call my cell at any time. I have wine and am only three minutes away:-) Fingers crossed for Loki. She’s a great dog!

    1. lsaboe says:

      far too much time is right. how are you. btw? sorry we couldn’t stop and see you last night, but my back gave out, so we got spanish fries and headed home. good thing too…as it turned out.

      1. earlofgrey says:

        I’m doing better than I was. Thank you.
        No need to be sorry at all! I’m so sorry to hear that your back isn’t doing well. How is it now?

      2. lsaboe says:

        the back is better…it was just too much standing, waiting, sitting, waiting, etc.
        i guess we’re mending, despite it all.

    1. lsaboe says:

      We just got back from visiting Loki. Her ultrasound showed severe gastro/intenstinal inflammation, no impaction (no surgery!) but there is evidence of foreign material in there. Just now I got a call from the vet telling me that she began to cough, they xrayed and she has a spot of pneumonia. Dr. thinks it’s due to aspiration while vomiting, and antibiotics should take care of it. It may extend her stay another day or so.
      So, good that there’s no impaction, not great on all the rest. She’s still a sick puppy.

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