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  1. ossobucco says:

    It can be chilly. And wet.
    When you’re there, make sure you go to Feijoia (A Damn Fine Bar). Look for Sergej. He’s the impossibly handsome ex-Dutch marine who owns the place. Ask him to make you a cocktail. Watch him. He’s magic. And a sweetie. It’s on Vijzelstraat 39.
    Are you into shoes? Jan Jansen makes amazing ones.
    His protegee, Hester Van Eeeghen, makes great shoes and purses too:
    Sigh. I LOVE Amsterdam. I could happily live there.

    1. lsaboe says:

      my sister says the same thing–she would love living there too. i probably won’t do much shopping except for gifts for my children and sister. i DO want to spend time in the museums and taking photographs. we only have a week, so i don’t think i’ll be able to see anything outside the city.
      i will definitely look for Sergej!

      1. ossobucco says:

        Ah, Amsterdam is so compact you’ll find both stores on your rambles. And take a look in — honestly, their shoes are works of art. And I don’t have a shoe fetish.
        Anne Frank’s house is very moving. And the Van Goghs!
        Lucky you!

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