Guantanamo (the prison, not the song)

I find that I can still be surprised at how stupid our congress critters are and how sheepily people follow, banging pots and jumping on bandwagons.

Case in point, the new and improved problem of Guantanamo Detention Camp. We finally begin to admit that it’s wrong to detain people in off-shore prisons without some nod to due process. Some even admit that torture is indeed torture and that we shouldn’t oughta do it, even to non-christian foreigners and sympathizers. Even Cheney is having a difficult time defending torture without sounding as if he’s pouting.

So our new and slightly improved administration says NO to torture and announces we will shut down Guantanamo (the prison, not the song), and everybody who’s everybody, repubs and dems alike, start shouting in 2 part harmony, “Not in our backyard!”


Where the hell did they think we would transfer the prisoners–I mean, detainees? To a different off-shore prison where we can’t keep tabs on what the hell is going on with these terrifying people (can I call them people?)? And hey, what ever happened with those other secret, off-shore prisons anyway? Anybody? And exactly how is it dangerous to put these prisoners–er–detainees in some maximum security military prison? I mean really, this country knows how to imprison people. We do it all the time. We keep all sorts of people locked up for all sorts of scary reasons–shoplifting, pot smoking–we even imprison thieves, rapists, and murderers, whether they are guilty or not. We do it better and to more people per capita than any other country in the world, ever.

In our backyard is exactly where we want to imprison suspected (and maybe even real) terrorists. We want to keep our enemies very very close so that we can watch ’em and also watch those who are charged with their keep.

Yes, this one got me. Thought I’d seen all the stupid we had to offer, but damn, this stupid is over the top. When will my country grow up and stop embarrassing me?

5 thoughts on “Guantanamo (the prison, not the song)

  1. Anonymous says:

    What people –or Congress or whoever– are afraid of is a possible terrorist attack on a city where former detainees are being housed.
    …I mean, no terrorist groups have tried to fly a plane into any buildings on the island of Cuba…Uncle Fidel must be paying them off or something…
    I just find the whole situation absolutely surreal. Cheney and his ilk refuse to admit that they did anything at all wrong. Torture is a tough job, but real men torture to keep their country safe, or something like that.
    The best thing I’ve heard so far has a been a proposal on TV tonight from some place in Montana that wants to take Guantánamo prisoners into their supermax prison there –built by private investors. There’s double digit unemployment in this town, so they’re hoping to make money off of imprisoning the “released” detainees. Only in America!
    Why do we never hear about how racist this all is? Can you seriously imagine slamming heads into the wall or waterboarding white men of European descent???
    Hey … there’s going to be an interfaith forum on torture on June 14, 2-4pm at the Unitarian Fellowship of West Chester. I’m one of the organizers. We have a former military JAG speaking and also the president of Veterans for Peace, as well as clergy. They’re going to each say a few words and then have a panel discussion and take questions from the audience. Come if you can.

    1. lsaboe says:

      dunno…maybe they are afraid of a terrorist attack where the detainees are held, but i’m not really buying it. i think that’s what they want US to be afraid of. i think what they are really afraid of is that once they bring the detainees into the country and they fall under burden of proof to continue to keep them in prison or, lacking that, release them.
      it’s very likely that in many cases they will not be able to produce sufficient evidence for trial let alone conviction. given that, they will have to release them and deal with the fallout of illegal and unsupportable detention of (gulp) innocent people or (bigger gulp) letting real terrorists go free.
      it’s the ol’ rock & hard place all over again.
      it’s a no win situation that we’ve gotten ourselves into and no matter how it pans out, it will be bad on lots of levels — and that’s not even taking into consideration the human rights violations. no, this is bad and our elected representatives are trying to instill fear and loathing to cover their sorry asses.

  2. Anonymous says:

    hey, john from la here.
    here’s the giggly thing. it’s basically the conservos who are pissing their pants abt having terrists on u.s. soil doing hard time and maybe plotting their escape so perhaps they can flee leavenworth and, i dunno, open a gate and let the sheep in the meadow or, hell, tip a few cows in the corn or something *real bad*.
    these are the same folks who, a few years before, were all tough talk and shoot first, ask questions later about them durn rooskies and latino drug lords and assrted other america-haters. what the fuck happened to them? when did the kick ass and take names set go girly-men on us (not to insult girly-men, but sheesh!)? i blame the estrogen in the tap water. the conservos need to hit a blockbuster and rent rambo 2 and invasion usa, goddammit. aquire some cajones, right-wingers, fer pete’s sakes!

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