10 thoughts on “the new thing i’m doing

  1. ladywind says:

    Wow. Well. Whether it’s perfectly accurate or not, it did spark my MT impulse: “Oooh, he’s going to have a headache if he grits his teeth. Thumb goes crosswise against that lovely grain, then some work under the edge of the jaw with the… oh, she hasn’t gotten round to the bottom bit of masseter yet. Oh.”

    1. lsaboe says:

      ha! tell me what is an “MT” impulse?
      but no, no masseter muscle yet. that’s the buccinator under it. isn’t the whole thing just sooooooo fascinating?

      1. ladywind says:

        ~claps gleefully and nods!~ *Incredibly* fascinating! Anatomy & Physiology was my favourite class in high- and Massage School; you’re doing the best part, here, building things up onto bone.
        Which leads round to MT: Massage Therapist. My nails are long and I haven’t practiced professionally in better than a year, but seeing your Yorick made my thumb start the cross-fibre friction gesture. So I’d say you’re doin’ alright. 😀

      2. lsaboe says:

        ah! massage therapist! i can imagine how wonderful a crow massage would be. 😉
        anatomy is the thing that has fascinated me since forever.
        (just heard back from the teacher and i need to hook the buccinator muscle under the ramus instd of on it)

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