6 thoughts on “finished lesson three

  1. ladywind says:

    ~blinks~ Oh! Oh, love. You’re working with an actual person’s cranium?
    Oh, wow. Talk about incentive to do well. Consider all my pronouns shifted.

    1. lsaboe says:

      you are so adorable, shifting pronouns and all!
      to be accurate here, it’s a replica — from skullduggery. they do very good, museum quality of a special hard plaster that takes detail very well. it FEELS like bone, though much heavier in weight. here’s my little girl: http://skullduggery.com/images/0201.jpg
      the class is supposed to do a european female head, but i didn’t have enough money to designate race/ethnicity, so this is a “surprise” female.
      the only other thing i need are the glass eyes…i’ve got them on order and hope they arrive soon.but…this is sooooooo much fun! totally engrossing and i’m learning so much by doing this.

      1. ladywind says:

        Ah. Cool nonetheless! Does she have rough spots where muscles would’ve attached? I see divots for nerve holes at the chin… Is her jaw wired to move, or cast all of a piece?
        When I was in MT school, we had an actual skeleton (male; you could tell by the hips) in our A&P room. He was beautiful with his phalanges and carpals wired to articulate stiffly. Great gaping hole in one temporal bone; I wanted to ask him whether that was how he went, or was it an accident afterward. The thing that got me most was feeling his fibula: triangular cross-section, and only as big around as my little finger. So fascinating.
        You will keep posting pictures as you go through, yes? This is grand!

      2. lsaboe says:

        yes, there are rough spots that appear to be places where things might have connected. the nerve holes are definitely there. the mandible is separate, so when brni is finished my work stand (he’s sawing and drilling as i type, i will have to glue the mandible on. my teacher told me to use some cotton to simulate the cartilage cushion btwn the bones.
        i have an actual pony skull that i’m thinking i might play with after this. also a small deer skull, but that one is too fragile.

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